RDI conduct Employee’s Night

RDI conduct Employee’s Night

COTABATO CITY (December  17, 2018) -Workplace celebrations are rewards for company and employee accomplishments. The benefits of the celebrations go beyond the enjoyment of the party itself. Your employees gain intangible rewards from the group events, whether they take place during work or after hours. Understanding the benefits of the company celebrations helps you justify spending the time and money on the events. The feeling of appreciation helps employees improve their attitudes about the job and boost their morale. The celebrations provide an enjoyable break from the regular routine of the workplace for an additional morale booster. When morale is high at the office, the employees are more likely to work efficiently and loyal with the company.


In Islam, labour is considered a virtuous deed which is obligatory upon all able-bodied people in the society. Man has many needs to fulfill: food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine, education etc. and since he is required to fulfill these needs for himself and his family through lawful means, he is obliged to work. So while work is mandatory, begging is highly discouraged unless extremely necessary.  From this understanding, working to provide sustenance for oneself and one’s family is considered an act of worship.

Long before trade or labour unions were even dreamed to be in existence, Islam made a clear path forward of what workers’ or employees’ rights are and how they are to be fulfilled and protected. The following would lay bare the rights of employees as mentioned by Muslim Jurists in their books as an inference from the lofty Prophetic teachings and guidance of the beloved Prophet of Islam; Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). [Source: http://islamicstudies.islammessage.com/Content_Details.aspx?id=3930]

The general objective of the employee’s night is to give recognition for accomplishments and milestones as RDI employees. Being recognized for those accomplishments shows employees that you pay attention to what they’re doing at work and value their contributions. Most people like to be recognized for their accomplishments, and the workplace celebrations give you a platform for providing the appreciation.

The Employee’s Night started with a reading of a verse form the Qur’an by Ustadh Abdulnasser Mamintal followed by a Welcome Message by RDI Chairmnan, Dr. Aboulkhair Tarason.  He said that the agency have contributed amazing projects that is beneficial to the communities especially in countering violent extremism. The Ulama of the Regional Darul-Ifta’ gave their effort to propagate the goodness of Islam and promote moderation among the Bangsamoro.

Then, RDI Executive Director, Alim Abdulmuhmin Mujahid gave his insights on the successes of the implementation of the programs and activities of the agency.  He said that the agency started with very little and blossomed into a huge agency recognized by the local and national agencies especially in the aspects of peace and security and halal. He said that, the agency have been very participative in the promotion of Islam and good governance. He said it is important that the government recognizes the existence of the Ulama or the religious sectors as they are part of the community. Involving the Ulama in all aspect of governance will help in the “halalization” or cleansing in the government. He said that the agency formulated its proposed Bangsamoro Development Agenda to cater to the Ulama, A’immah, Alimat, Asatizat, Masajid and Madrasah.

The emcee, Amalnor Malomalo, called each Mufti and Deputy Mufti of the provinces to give a short message about their works in the provincial level. Each has story about the good effect of the Ulama engaging in the communities in the promotion of moderation and partnering with the PNP and military to combat violent extremism. They also relay that the ARMM People’s Day is one way also of bringing RDI closer to the Ulama and promoting its existence at an organization that caters to the need of the religious sector.  Mufti Amiloddin Sharief of Lanao, said that the presence of Darul-Ifta’ in Lanao has a great impact especially during the burst of the Marawi Siege. As one of RDI’s mandate to lead in the promotion of intra and inter-faith dialogues for the purpose of attaining peaceful and harmonious co-existence.  The provincial darul-ifta’ have been partnering with various stakeholders to promote peace and moderation.  They have advocated khutaba in the masjid focusing on peace, family relations, good governance, values formation and selecting good leaders.

Next, the emcee called the Prof. Alih Aiyub to give his thoughts on what will happen to RDI after the ratification of the BOL. He said that the Ulama must organized themselves and participate in the governance and that they must mobilize themselves to promote and campaign for the Yes vote of the BOL come January 21, 2018.

Afterwards, Mr. Malomalo announced the awarding of Certificate of Recognition to RDI employees.


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